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Mini Masseuse Instructions

  1. Start by attaching the pads to the lead ends of the output cords.
  2. Remove the top back cover and insert a 9 volt battery. Replace the cover once the battery is properly inserted.
  3. Remove and save the protective film covering the self-adhesive pads provided with the massager.
  4. Add a few drops of water with your fingers to each pad, this will help with adhesion and optimum sensation.
  5. Place the massage pads, while still moist, on the area(s) where the massage sensation is desired. As a general rule of thumb if you have a muscle or joint that is hurting, put the pads on or around the area always making sure both pads are on muscles.
  6. You are now ready to attach the plug-in connector to the Mini Masseuse unit.
  7. Press the ON/RUN button on the massager, the unit will be activated in STOP MODE.
  8. Press ON/RUN once more and this will place the massager in RUN MODE and the virtual massage sensation will begin.
  9. You may now use the MODE button to select one of the following sensations:

    Mini Masseuse Tap Mode
    Mini Masseuse Knead Mode
    Mini Masseuse Butterfly Mode

    • TAP - virtual deep finger-pushing sensation.
    • KNEAD - virtual outward hand-push sensation.
    • BTRFLY(Butterfly) - virtual spiral movement of the hands.
    • AUTO - automatic changing of all virtual sensations.

  10. You may also choose the intensity of the massage sensations by simply using the UP and DOWN buttons.
  11. Recommended application duration is 20 - 30 minutes. 30 minutes is automatically counted down on the display screen in all modes except in the AUTO mode, which has a countdown of 90 minutes.
  12. Just push the ON/RUN button once more to go back from RUN mode to STOP mode. When in STOP mode, the massager will shutdown automatically in 30 seconds. If you wait till the end of the timer countdown, the massage unit will shut down automatically as well. Press the OFF button to immediately turn the massager off.
  13. Remove the massage pads from your body, apply a few drops of water on both pads with your finger, and cover them with protective films. Put them back in their zip lock bags.
Mini Masseuse Maintenance and Care
  • Applying a few drops of water with the fingers prior to and directly after each massage session will maintain optimum performance and cleanliness of the massage pads. Also make sure to keep the protective films on the pads and store the pads in their zip lock bags so they don't dry out.
  • If a noticeable difference in sensations is felt over time, it is recommended to replace the battery and/or pads.
  • Regularly used pads are generally good for approximately three months per pair.
  • When the massage pads completely lose their adhesiveness, extra massage pads can be ordered.
  • Should the unit or any part of it become damaged, immediately discontinue use of the entire unit and contact us for replacement.